Elevate Your Cardano Army NFTs to Celestial and Transcendent Levels: Unleash the Power of Fusion on the Cardano Blockchain

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Welcome to the captivating world of the Cardano Army, where strategic fusion and evolution catapult your NFT soldiers into extraordinary celestial and transcendent warriors. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the intricacies of fusion mechanics, the significance of super powers, and the path to reaching the coveted celestial and transcendent levels. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, enhancing your Cardano Army and ascending to unparalleled realms of rarity and power!


Existing Traits:

  • Background
  • Weapon(s)
  • Eyes
  • Super Power
  • Combat Capable
  • Celestial Level
  • Transcendent Level

rare cardano army nft traits

Understanding Fusion Mechanics:

Fusion is the process of combining two Cardano Army NFT soldiers to create a new, rarer NFT with amplified traits and capabilities.
Each soldier possesses unique attributes, including background, weapon(s), eyes, combat capability, and the potential for a super power.
By thoughtfully selecting soldiers with complementary traits, you unlock the potential for a more potent and valuable fusion outcome.

The Power of Super Powers:

Super powers have emerged as a groundbreaking attribute, significantly influencing the outcome of fusions.
Soldiers lacking a super power can be fused with others to unlock this extraordinary ability.
Including at least one soldier with a super power guarantees the evolution into a celestial level NFT.

The Path to Celestial and Transcendent Levels:

Celestial level signifies the pinnacle of rarity and power within the Cardano Army collection.
Fusing two soldiers, one of which possesses a super power, results in a celestial level NFT with a power level ranging from 1 to infinity.
To surpass celestial and unlock new dimensions of power, we introduce the transcendent level—an awe-inspiring realm of unmatched mastery and capabilities.

Attaining the Illustrious Transcendent Level:

To unlock the awe-inspiring Transcendent level, the apex of rarity and power, a specific fusion requirement must be met. Only by fusing two NFTs at the celestial level of 5 or higher can you venture into the transcendental realm. For instance, combining two celestial level 5 NFTs results in the creation of a Transcendent NFT at level 1.

The Power of Level Accumulation:

When fusing two celestial NFTs, their levels seamlessly combine to form a new total. For example, merging two NFTs at level 3 each would yield a celestial NFT at level 6. This progression rewards collectors with even greater power and rarity as they strategically fuse their soldiers.

The Influence of Super Powers:

When fusing a celestial NFT with a super power (that is not already celestial or transcendent), a fractional increase of 0.5 is bestowed upon the celestial level. This additive effect enhances the celestial NFT’s potency while introducing the potential for unique and unparalleled abilities.

Please note that the fusion mechanics and resulting celestial levels are subject to further exploration and discovery within the evolving Cardano Army universe. As collectors delve into the intricacies of fusion, new revelations and possibilities may unfold, opening the doors to even greater heights of celestial and transcendent mastery.

Strategic Fusion Tips:

Analyze the traits and super powers of your soldiers before initiating a fusion, considering potential combinations and desired outcomes.
Experiment with diverse fusion combinations to discover optimal synergies, maximizing the rarity and power of your celestial warriors.
Remember that each fusion permanently removes the original soldiers from circulation, augmenting the scarcity and value of existing NFTs.


Congratulations! Equipped with the knowledge to navigate fusion mechanics, you now hold the key to unlocking the full potential of your Cardano Army NFT collection. Fuse your soldiers wisely, ensuring the inclusion of at least one super power, and witness their evolution into celestial level NFTs with boundless power. But why stop there? As you ascend through the celestial ranks

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Collect, Fuse, and have fun!

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